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shadowbiz said:
Over in the mud flats.  West side of the lake.
Yep.. Just try to find a clearing in the cattails to fish comfortably. There's a bait shop on HWY 7 across the street from Waneka. Another one in downtown on the main street. I'd say just bring some worms and try to get a few perch or bluegills. Bring a knife. Cut up a perch/bluegill and use cutbait. Add the entrails and walla!! You could also try the usual chicken livers, worms, stinkbaits etc.. Hint: Basketball court on westside of lake or north end of dam where the rocks end. 8lb line or more as some of those catfish in Waneka have surprised me before with their size. Biggest one I've seen couldn't even fit the cooler. Many more similar sized fish seen, but only a handful of anglers even fish for catfish there.

Good luck,
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