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Part 2 of our epic Smallmouth Bass and Catfish trip is here!!!
Sam and I break our PB’s for Channel Catfish and we get our biggest Smallmouth of the trip! Part 1 we stayed pretty close to the camp site…In this episode we explore a few miles up and down river, searching for pools and exploring more of the area. Sam was killing it as she landed most of the big fish this trip! She was ecstatic😀 Same fishing report as part 1, almost everything we threw was working but I was mostly sticking to bottom fishing softbaits Craws/small worms.

More fun drone shots and lots of action…Had to cut a lot of the smaller fish out to not have a super long video, hope you all enjoy and have a good weekend out fishing!

***Got a cool picture of the river in the evening with no wind, Sam took it upside accidently and it came out really cool.



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