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Cedar Bluff

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It was my first time ever going to this nice lake. I had no idea where to fish. We tried the dam first. Caught what i think was a small mouth i dont know i let him go about 12 inches, a hand sized whitebass, and a hand sized drum all went back in the water.

Decided to move locations, it was night time so it was difficult to find a fishing hole. Went to the boat ramp with a sign that read no fishing on the dock. The guys were scared to fish there, but i thought lets just fish here and hope the ranger comes than we can ask him where to fish at.

Fished the dock till 3am no ranger in site. Caught 3 catfish about 2lbs each maybe 3lbs. Planned on fishing early morning also, but i got really tired. That seems to happen often when the fish aren't biting. Called it a night and went home.

Cedar Bluff won round 1. Hopefully I can win round 2.
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Man thats tough tryin out a new lake in the dark! Pretty hard-core stuff!
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