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Cedar Bluff

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Hi there,

Just got back from Cedar Bluff; haved a hard time deciding between taking the boat or the camper. Since we haved 2 kids so we decided to take the camper, wished we would have taken the boat. We got there Friday and start fishing at 11:00am on the dam and caught 28 white bass on 2" white mister twister. Quit at 2:00pm due to the heat and the kids wanted to eat fish. A ranger stopped by to check our camping permit and gave us direction to the break water, the Bluff and Boy scout cove for crappie fishing from shore. We went to the break water that evening and caught 2 crappies and some large mouth bass. Saturday the white bass stopped biting at the dam so we went to the bluff for crappies; didn't catch any crappies but bunch of small bass that we released. We saw bunch of boats fishing in the trees and bushes. We then went to Boy scout cove and still nothing, tried another cove and caught 2 crappies and couple white bass. Later at the fish cleaning station we talked to a couple that were cleaning fish. They then took us fishing for crappies on their pontoon for couple hours. The crappies were in about 18 feet of water in the trees. We caught 6 crappies and white bass while lost four using minnows with red jig heads. They were from 13 to 14 inches. I think we would have killed them on Friday and Saturday if we have the boat. Today was a total loss with just one white bass and we quit at 9:00am. Last week and I heard Thursday that people were catching white bass in the hundreds on the dam but they tapper off Friday. After eating some fish we came home with 26 white bass, and 8 crappies.
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I told you that you would catch a mess of crappie.
Or was that white bass? Do I owe you gas money?
Sounds like you had a great time.
Something about Kansas lakes that attract me.
I think it's the warm water and all the variety of fish.
It's very laid back and you can't beat the chicken fried steak
dinners they serve at the smaller restraunts.
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