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I fished up at Chambers Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Caught the usual mix of lakers- mostly 18 inchers. In the evening, I fished the north east side where it's pretty steep, catching bows and lakers on little spinners and jig heads with worms. The lakers here were in close- only about 15 feet from shore. In the morning, I caught one at the south end on a "spin-a-lure," then moved to the north end. They were biting well up there on tubes and sucker, but just like ice fishing season, they turned off around 11 AM. I was happy to get up there before they open up the campground and the place gets mobbed. Still, there were far more people up there than would be expected when the ice is on. Most seemed to arrive around 11 AM to pick on the 'bows, which were running the usual 13 inches or so, and easy to catch all day.

I saw a couple moose along the dirt road that provides access to the north end.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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