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Chambers Ice is Thick! 3/8/14

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That is crazy bud...hardcore!!!
Pewsieee Brad....real man would have done it with a 6 inch handie....;D
That is way thicker than the last time I was up there. Ice off is going to be super late up there this year. The snow pack looks great though. Good was the bite?
The weather was unbelievably gorgeous [for Chambers]
NO WIND - Sunny - and about 40 degrees

Caught five 20inchers, no biguns.
Used both tipups and jigs


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Dayyamm that's some serious ice. Bet ya didn't have to fight a crowd!
There were a few out there. We even got checked by a CPW officer that hiked out on snowshoes
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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