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I ice fished Joe Wright last year three times in the last part of the season and it turned out to be quite an adventerous excursion. Getting on to the frozen lid was quite a task due to the deep snow. Once on the lake moving and scouting with sonar proved to be tough because of the deep snow and thick ice. I probally only moved three times in about four hours. In order to get a hole in the ice, my power auger was nearly bottoming out. Then, once I was able to finaly drop a few holes the surrounding ice flooded with about four inches of water. The extreme weight of the snow on top of the ice actually pushed it below the surface elevation causing water to pour out over and onto the ice. I did try for the Mackinaw with no avail although there were some very big fish passing on my electronics. I managed to catch a ton of grayling and one cutthrout on small ice jigs. Trying to release the fish proved to be quite difficult as well because of the flooded ice. The fish never wanted to swim back down the hole. Istead, they would dart away from the hole and bury themselves in slush at which time I would have to pull my gloves off and dig for the fish until I could find them and try again. Tough conditions to ice fish this lake although I will do it again only earlier in the season.
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