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Made my first trip to the ice today. A great day weather wise [for Chambers] a pretty slow day for fishing.

Started fishing about 1030am - 23 fow
Fished for 45min - nada - marked no fish

Moved to 53 fow - marked a couple fish
fished for an hour - nada

Moved to 39 fow - marked plenty of fish
Fished for 2 hours - no fish

Moved to 22 fow - fished for 2 hours
marked fish moving thru every so often
Hooked a couple rainbows
Finally picked up one laker at 3pm

White tube jigs weren't doing nothing today so I used a small Swedish Pimple tipped with sucker meat

Left at 330pm

There is about 12inches of good ice. Near Shore there is more snow/ice
Good snow for access.

2 other groups on the ice, fishing was real slow for everyone

Things should get better in Feb/March


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