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[back to the nicads and that realm of batteries what is worse, to recharge a partialy discharged battery or to leave the same partialy discharged battery to sit for some time /quote]

From my two decades of r/c race car experience, I have cycled thousands of $ in batteries and have to consider myself an expert by default. Nicd batteries have become obsolete, they are not going to go away but are considered fragile compared to nimh, Nicd has to be discharged after use for top performance, too far and you get the reverse polarity like DavidK mentioned and it is junk, not enough discharge and it builds "memory" and will loose capacity or run time. Nimh should be stored with charge in them, like at least 1/2 way to fully charged, We will discharge fully charged sub-c nimh cells to .9v per cell then charge but this is not necessary to operate things like digital cameras and gps and it takes specialized equiptment, so for nimh, charge after use, nicd, charge before use
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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