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Torrey and Chase stopped by on their motorbikes on their trek from Colorado through Alaska and back.
I took them to the beach with the ATV's on Saturday then finished up with whale watching off the deck in the midnight sun. When I heard Chase who just graduated from high school had never caught a fish I suggested taking them out Halibut fishing.
with a big tide that brings lots of current I wanted to go up shallow, we Anchored just before low tide in 17' of water.
As soon as the tide turned the fishing was on fire, Chase got the first fish on that headed under the motors smoking drag and came unbuttoned.
The next several weren't as lucky as his beginner's luck was kicking in. With light tackle and jigs these strong 30-50+lbers are a blast to catch in shallow water as they make several long runs, we had to clear the other lines before they get tangled, gaff, haul em in and club em quick as they go ballistic when they hit the deck.
the biggest one bottomed out my 50lb scale.
[/URL] Some awesome memories were made today. They've got 9 more days to get back to Co.
Fresh fillets will be shipped and waiting for them.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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