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Chatfield 03/07/2006 w/pic

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Got to Chafield around 4:30pm and fished till dusk around 6:30pm with Uncle and caught 5 (see the picture of the second biggest fish of the day below). I caught and released (sort of  ;) )  the biggest trout of the day..... After the initial strike the fight was on after on minute this hog leg of a trout lept into the air and to my astonishment it was still attached to a bright orange stringer. After fighting with this big fat Rainbow for about 10 minutes and running up and down the bank and into the water several times this big rainbow was tiring. I thought I had won this battle when after giving the slightest of tugs my hook came loose. Disappointment turned quickly to amazement when I noticed the back of this 25+ inch trout humping out of the water coming downstream towards me like a scene out of jaws. Out of reaction I noticed the stringer passing me an arms length away so I reached down to grab it. When I did I slipped and almost wiped out in the water. I had only one last chance so I swung my foot to try to step on the stringer and to my suprise I stepped on the string. This big ol' trout would not go that easy so he started swiming even more aggressively and in an instant the stringer was gone and so was this huge fish. That is what you call catch and release only wish I could have gotten that stringer out first! After this ordeal I was not even mad or disappointed, to be honest it was sort of fun, however my mind kept on thinking about that poor fisherman before me who had caught this "Walter Sized" Rainbow  and placed him on his stringer only to look down and see it gone like a flash. All in all good day to be out great weather and great time, sorry for the long report however I thought you guys might get a grin after hearing this story.


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Very nice catch!!!!

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