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Fished Chatfield in the early (and I do mean early) morning -

Mostly trolled the dam with rapalas ... did try some slabbing around the tower but not for very long. Had two really strong hits on rapalas but they did not get hooked up ... I think they were just rolling at the lure ... trying to chase it away or something.

Saw several other boaters out there ... mostly jig fishing along Plumb Creek and the dam face.

Almost no wind all night (or is it morning?) until about 05:00

Then it kicked up to about 40 mph ... that was enough to convince me I needed to go home and get some sleep.

Oh, I almost forgot the real reason I am putting up a post.

Night fishing boaters beware!!! I found a submerged log about 50 yards SE of the turn of the dam that just about tore my prop. off!

It was completely submerged in about 3 to 4 feet of water ... but the end was just below the surface. Major CLUNK-CLANK when I hit it. Sure woke me up!

The one guy I did talk to in passing said he had had a couple of hits earlier but didn't land any ... He left at about 02:30.

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