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Chatfield 06/14/05

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Fished CF today. Caught a bunch of Smallies and 1 11in Walleye. Walleye was caught trolling a bottom bouncer with a circle hook with 2 beeds and a worm on it. Smallies were caught with minnows under a slipfloat.(EDIT) Almost all of the SM had craws in them. One spit one into the boat and my brother hooked it on his circle hook and caught one that way too.

Great day.

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Thanks for the post, "Great Day" says it all! I like the CF, Aurora, and Quincy reports cause I live near Parker also.
Those smallies look like they are a bit over a pound. Nice fish. I would love catching about 20 of them in a day. When the sun goes fish for walleye, but if thats slow, throw poppers for smallmouth.
nice fish man thanks for the update.. yer lucky i was at work
Sweet Fish Jay!

nice smallies, what depth were you at when you caught those ? , i usually wade by the tower and throw senkos and did really good, i cant stand the rocks lose alot of hooks, has anyone had luck at chatfield with topwater ?

We were in about 10-12ft of water fishing a round 7ft down.

Great report on the smallies I should have targeted them tonight. I fished the road bed and the point off the handicap pier caught a couple of smalleyes and 1 trout. I did sell my worms to to 2 guys fishing smallies cause they didn't want to leave the lake. Hopefully they caught a bunch of fish with them.
Hey Guys.....Nice photos!!
The wife and I will be at Chatfield this weekend with our boat and fishing gear.
The only time we can go fishing is on the weekend, because of our jobs. We know that Chatfield and the other lakes can get a little "wild" with all of the boaters, but we have no choice. At least we will try and get there early in the AM, so we can avoid a lot of the boat traffic.

Good luck. If the weekends are all you can fish may I suggest the nighttime.

Nope, no afterwork fishing.
I get up on weekday mornings at 5:15 AM to go to work.
And, the wife and I aren't as young as we use to be (me:56, her:57). So.....we need all the rest we can get each week night.
Awe heck, I've seen and heard of people catching nice fish on the weekends. Either a person gets on the lake fairly early on a Saturday or Sunday to fish, or just put up with all the boaters. Really, what other choices is there if people just can not fish during the week?
Great fish-looks like a good time!
yet another fish off the dam it looks like....nice pics!
my dad and i always nail them smallies every time we fish the dam. there usually on the small side but i still have a great time catching them. nice pics!

Looooooooks Gooood!! Smallies..... Fun, fun, fun!
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