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Decided to fish chatty today. I hit it during the late afternoon/night a couple times in the last week or so and got the skunk. I don't have a lot of experience going for eyes or fishing chatfield. The few times I did do well there I was fishing from the dam but the dam is closed now so up until today I was sort of lost in my tube. Decided to get a map with the underwater features. Once I did that I got an app on my phone that tells me my location in long/latitude and allows me to input waypoints. I put in a few waypoints of some structure that I thought looked good and kicked out to the first spot around 11am. I fished it for a while and after tryin a few lures I decided to try a 2.75 inch jig n rap in fire tiger with a vertical jig. After about ten minutes I got my first bass of the year. Nothing too crazy but cool none-the-less. I continued fishing until sundown without any more luck. I tried tube jigs of different colors and sizes, different jig n raps, swimbaits, jerks, etc. I talked to a bunch of people and didn't see one person catch or hear of anyone catching anything all day. Hopefully the bite should be picking up within a week or two as the water warms. One guy I spoke to who had a boat said the water temp was 45 when he got there in the am. By about 3 the water was up to 48, according to his temp gauge. Sorry about the small pic. If I had more pics id bother with using a better host but for now it'll have to work.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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