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Chatfield 4-20

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Hit Chatfield after work last night. Caught a real nice Bow and a smallie on a 4" Walleye assassin. Went about two hours without a strike, then I got two almost legal eye's on a Husky Jerk.
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Let me guess, you were fishing for walleye and you caught smallies and rainbows. I'm not the only one?
That is how you know you need to change lures...... ;D.....When the trout don't leave it alone...
Hammer said:
Let me guess, you were fishing for walleye and you caught smallies and rainbows. I'm not the only one?
Yep! But I won't complain the Bow was the best fight I have had all spring! Those fish are really thriving on the shad!
Isn't it funny,you get confidence at one lake and you can reproduce the results at another.I know all lakes are different,but once you find something that works,most likely it will work elsewhere.I see a big wally in your future.Thanks for sharing.I have even caught a few recently,thanks to some of the info shared here.

Hey all,
  As you surely know, the water temps are on the rise and that always bodes well for fishing (up to a point of course).  I fished yesterday from 10 am until 3 pm.  No bites for the first two hours and then, after switching to a tube bait, it was fairly constant action.  The smallies were responding to a pretty aggressive swimming type of retrieve (lift, fall, reel, repeat).  When they hit, there was no question about it, wham!, fish on.  Often times, on a second rod, I'll have a nightcrawler rig hanging down in the water about mid depth and that was getting hit in the afternoon as well.  In about 2 hours, I caught and released 12 smallies, from 11 to 15".  Nothing to write home about, but good solid little footballs none the less. 
  Like many of you, I also am looking for the walleyes to come out of their post pardom spawn depression, which should be any week now.  May should shape up to be really consistent fishing as it always seems to be.  Until then, good luck!

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Were there alot of idiot water skiers ,you know the kind that haul ass around the fishing boat doing figure 8s?
A recent tactic of mine was to return the favor. It was on a week day with plenty of room for everyone. Tracking 50 yards ahead off their port side I was able to send a clear message to find skiable water not quite so close. It only reached me because it's too early for that crap. >:D
Makes you want to stick an oar out to dislodge the skier from the rope
to send a message to the driver of the boat >:D
nice smallies fishinbud , nice to hear the eyes are biting at chatfield , i know what you guys are talking about when it comes to idiots on the water , i was on shore at boulder res and this guy was trolling right in front of us , he saw us catch a smallie and he kept geting closer to us , i also hated the jet skiers were having there fun 20 yards out from were we were fishing , no common sense
Has anyone ever heard of a water skier getting cut by fishing line? Aside from the fact I sit there rocking back and forth taking great pleasure in waiting for them to fall I think there is great potential for a horrible accident. Can you imagine what would happen if they fell on fishing line at 30 miles an hour?
I kinda like the big boats, jet skis, and water skiiers. Sometimes I think the walleye have figured it out, kinda like ravens on a highway.
back to the smallies if you don't mind me asking where did you catch them?
I have a potato gun >:D im thinking something a little less obvious though, maybe a baby carrot launcher.
.:FearNoFish:. said:
I have a potato gun  >:D im thinking something a little less obvious though, maybe a baby carrot launcher.
And baby corn too!
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