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Chatfield 4/25 check this out...

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So a couiple days ago my friends and I fished the dog training ponds at Chatfield and had good luck with a bunch of bluegill and other random sunfish. Yesterday 4/25 we went there with our ice fishing rods to try to get a nice fight out of those lil guys. My friend Trent was using a pink paddle bug and he got hooked into something. He reeled for like 10 minutes because the drag was so loose. We figured he got a lil bass or something, but when he got it to the shore it was a fricken' walleye! It measured to right aroun 16 inches. I took a few pictures, but I don't have a digital camera nd I need to take like 11 more pictures before I get this roll developed. It was a nice fish, but the most surprising thing was that there are even waallee in there. Maybe everyone knew but me, but I'm excited. I would reccomend it, but try to stay out of the dogs' way or you will get pretty annoyed. After awhile longer with no luck we moved to another one of the ponds and slayed some bluegill on tiny rapalas and jigs. I also saw two bass cruising shallow and evrytime we hooked into a b luegill a bass woluld turn and follow it in, but we couldn't get them to hit anything. A great day of fishing overall. I swear I will post them pictures as soon as I get them, because I'm stoked. Maybe I'll waste 10 pictures today and get it developed.
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Re: Chatfield 5/25 check this out...

Im not sure whats funnier, You fishing with Ice rods or you thinking its still April. I think you ment 5/25/05 :) :)

Well Mustang if they were following the bluegills in you should have used one for bait. Minnows are legal in chatfield and the regulations say bluegills may be used as bait.
ya i meant may, and yeah thats how we bassed in hosuton, but i couldnt have tossed a bluegill on my ice rods
Mustang said:
ya i meant may, and yeah thats how we bassed in hosuton, but i couldnt have tossed a bluegill on my ice rods
I bet you it would have been a blast if you tried. Just keep your spool open and hold the rod in one hand and throw the bluegill on a size. 1 hook with the other hand.

So how'd you think the walleye got in there. Is there anyway it could have made it in on its own, or do you think someone may have dumped a few in there at some point and time?

no way it could have made it on its own, the dog ponds are not at all connected to the lake or spillway. my chem teacher is an avid fisherman and he mentioned catching some in there last year saying that every now and then they take some big ones and put them in there after they take the nets up? i usually dont take his info too seriously, because his stories sound kinda blown up sometimes, but i guess he coulda been right
Yes i have heard the same thing . I ice fished down on those ponds a couple years ago with a guy i had met on Chatfield, and he had told me about walleye being in those ponds. Caught a few trout down there through the ice.
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