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Chatfield 5/1

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Hit Chat today. Fished the cove off to the right of the boat ramp parking lot. The ramp by the dam. Used powerbait and worms and also tossed out the rapala i got the trout on thursday...or was it friday...i dunno Anyway, no luck there, no luck at the dam, just a ton of cold.
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Went to chatfield ponds on 4/31. Fished the biggest one closest to the res and the smaller one right next to it. Used crawlers, spinner baits, jerk baits, jigs tipped with Gulp and crawlers, etc. Nothing doing. Then went to the river just up from the inlet. Completely blown out. On the bright side my 5 gallon bucket did really well catching litter.
there r only 30 days in april

maybe u mean may1st? if so i ws there, but there is no 4/31, sorry to bursdt ur bubble

(all in fun)
Yep, the wind and snow must have froze my brain. I was there on sat the 30th from about 12 till 3. Looks like this weekend's weathre maybe a little better for the fishermen.
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