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I decided to try the catfish at the Chatfield main lake. Two of my friends and I went to the Plum Creek area, but it was so flooded that we couldn't even get near the water. There was water all the way up into the trees. We drove to this other place where my buddy's stepdad has fished his whole lie, so I won't say where it is. We hiked down to the spot, which was a bit flooded, and I threw out liver, the other guys threw olut a worm and stinkbait. We waited forever. Chatfield was glass. We couldn't help ourselves so we built a little fire in the sand....oh well. There was one boat on the lake shining a spotlight arolund. Any of you? Also I think there may have been two other lanterns around the edge. It was a very nice night until about 4:30 and the wind kicked up. It was horrible so we went home about 5:00. Only one bite the whole nigt, but every now and then a fish would splash out of the water. Carp? Who knows.

GOing to Gunnison today, I'll report Monday when I get back.
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