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So we went out to Chatfield on Saturday after the Eagle Claw fiasco.  What a load of crap that sale was ( Thanks to all the Eagle Claw Employees that cleaned the store out before general public was allowed in :mad:

Anyway, a guy caught a beauty Rainbow on the south cove on Salmon eggs around 8pm, and I finally caught my first eye of the season on a floating worm Lindy Rig.  Minnows, Leeches, nothing would touch them.  Worms were the ticket for the day.  I caught a nice smallmouth on the rocks of the north marina on a slip bobber.  For some reason I just can't get them to hit my cranks.  Oh well, keep trying I guess.

Here's the mans awesom trout

And my fatty Walleye.  You all are right, this year has the fattest fish I have ever caught out of this lake.

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