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Chatfield 5 May

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Trout, Trout, Trout all around the Plum Creek area... I was there from about 4:00 pm till around 8:00 pm. I caught 3 keepers and everyone else was catching them also. I think that everyone was using nightcrawlers.

From what I seen they were all around 16 inchers.

Below is one of the ones that I caught.

P.S. The good news is that I was suppose to mow the grass tonight and my Wife did it for me..... and she aint even mad.... Maybe I'll keep here around... atleast for the fishing season.


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My grass needs mowing also.  The wife "informed" me that it will be done before the boat leaves the garage this weekend.  Can't complain though.  She is letting us celebrate mother's day on Sat so that I can get an early start Sunday.

I think I'll mow tomorrow evening  ;D

Now that she mowed you can throw that trout in the barbi!
Heck no, I am going to go out and try to get some more of them....

Good luck this weekend.

Man, I hope that she likes that new electric fish knife that I bought her for mothers day.... ;D ;D

jdferguson said:
Man, I hope that she likes that new electric fish knife that I bought her for mothers day.... ;D ;D

LoL, Thats great!!!!!

You better be careful, she may just show you how much she likes it!

:mad: :mad: :eek:
went there on 4 may 2-9pm off the point with the handicap peer, i got skunked but homie nabbed 3 wallys and got the first keeper of the year at 21" off of leeches. last year we caught over 100 wallys a piece off this point maybe 20% of them keeper size we're hoping to double it this year
Hit Chatfield for short time today.  The weather looked threatening and there was some thunder and lightning in the area.  (Bad weather and me,  it never changes!)  We tried by the bridge where all the other boats were, but then we moved closer to the boat ramp incase we needed to make quick getaway.  Fishing along the dam, just west of the tower in about 8-9 feet of water got a 13 inch smallie on a minnow about 5-6 feet down.  Headed in shortly after that because the wind picked up, it started sprinkling and my wife got cold.  2 hours and 1 fish.  Much better than my last day out there.


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I was out there yesterday also from 10:00 to about 3:00 and finally caught my first walleyes ;D ;D

One was 18 and the other 16 both off of night crawlers. This was in the plum creek area close to the boat rental place.

They really don't put up much of a fight though, or maybe because they were smaller. Still fun to catch though.

I am getting ready to go out there again today.

I am hooked for sure....

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