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Chatfield 6/1

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Beautiful evening at Chatfield! Warm and no wind :)

My wife and I each caught a walleye just outside the marina in the first 30 minutes of fishing. I had to get my son home to bed or I would have stayed and fished at dark. He caught a little smallmouth and had a great time!

I will post pics soon
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I just moved here from ND and I'm looking for good walleye fishing. Do you need a boat to fish Chatfield Reservoir? What are the best spots? Are fish taken out of here good to eat? Sorry for all the q's just really looking for some good fishing. Heading up to Lake Sakakawea in ND for some great Walleye fishing.

no boat needed in my opinion for the field. walleyes from here are grub, the challenge is getting em over the 18" size limit. best spots for us are the edge of rocky areas.
aurora res. is another place we go for walleye, but there i would suggested a boat or float tube (eletric motor only lake, no wake).. theres a big drop off one of the points the walleyes love, using worm harness n bottom bouncers there.

i hope what little i know will help some
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