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Chatfield - 6/18-19

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Went to Chatfield by the Handicapped Pier last night around 9pm till 9am this morning. Fished nightcrawlers mostly and then in the morning a few lures also. Between the 5 of us... caught one 15" walleye and one 4" Smallie in 12 hours. Even tried stinkbait for cats, had a few bites but nothing even remotely good. Had a couple hits on a chartruse/silver rapala floating minnow by the marina around 7am. But once the boats came out it was totally over...not another single bite. Saw some monster Largemouth jumping around the point off to the left of the pier, by the logs in the water, but no luck on them either. Oh well was still fun!
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yeah sorry for the slow day. but at least you got two fish and didn't get skunked
Yeah, id rather catch a 15' walleye (never caught a walleye before.) than get skunked
was also there on the peer point on sunday night 10-1am
really slow for us too.. everyone caught 1 but me.. o well i was due for skunker.. there was a nice lightning show though i guess i was paying more attention to that.. all walleyes on worms, 14-17" the usual size for us at the field, no keepers.. we'll get em next time

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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