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Chatfield Friday Night-Sunday AM (6-3 to 6-5)

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Took my wife and 2 kids and spent the weekend at Chatfield.

Weather went from bad to worse than, based on success this am "worster" Overcast and stormy Friday afternoon, steady rain Saturday from 8am till 2p, then sun and a beautiful evening, bright and sunny on Sunday.

Started on the lake around 930 pm Friday, working from a boat the marina, handicap pier and just north of the navigation bouys. Had a couple of hits on trolled walleyes, not able to boat anything, Fished until 1 am.

Sat 6 am, hit the ponds at the off leash area. Picked up quite a few bluegill, (hand sized) and a couple of smallies (biggest 10 inch) It was overcast and just starting to spit. Found all the fish next to or under cover. (stumps, logs etc.) Left around 830 a soaked to the skin.

Steady rain continued and took boat out around 1130 am. A few hits on floating jig heads a couple of feet off bottom sweetened with a livley leech. Fish took everything but the sucker end and the hook. Worked the east shore along the channel and tried the old heron rookery.

Quit when the sun first poked through around 3p

Sat Night 745p finished dinner. (I was actually ready around 630) went to north boat ramp. Worked the dam between the boat ramp cove and the tower. Nothing but smallies, 8 or ten, first hit a rattling rap the rest on minnows, leeches or night crawlers 4 feet under a slip bobber, in 6-12 feet of water. Most were 8-10, biggest 15 on the nose. All released. Quit and 10p to have smores with the kids.

Sunday 6 am, tried the outlet with leeches and various lures, area closest to the outlet already occupied, saw a couple of fish caught, don't know what on or species. After 45 minutes of trying further downstream, went to ponds in off leash area.

Totally different day. Nothing, nada and zilch! :'( Fish were not where we found them yesterday, in fact we could not find them, no rises, could not see any swimming by....... shut out stayed till 830, then went a packed up.

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I decided not to go camping this weekend as I didnt want to put up with the weather, and had alot of yard work that needed done that I had been putting off to go fishing. Funny how you find fish one day and gone the next, makes it hard especially with kids, trying to make them get on a fish. Better luck next time, atleast the whole weekend wasnt a skunk.
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