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This is just my two cents but if I was you, I would forget about bass and go for walleye. For walleye, get there at sundown and walk down the dam a bit. (Past the tower)Make sure you bring a flashlight. X-raps, rat l traps, swim baits etc will work. I usually use the big x raps. Straight retrieve worked fine for me but it's good to switch it up, too. Watch out for snags though cuz it's a super snaggy area. As my lure gets closer, I slowly lift up my rod tip to prevent such a thing. It still happens and I usually spend a good amount of time untangling my ****. I have had decent luck for smallmouth in that big cove that's past the marina towards the right side of the dam.(forgot what it's called) also, try by the launch ramps and dock at the very left side of the damn. That parking spot right there is the best spot to park if you're going to walk down the dam.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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