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Chatfield Lake Fish Question

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From reading the fishing reports in the Forum, it sounds like catching legal size (keepable) Walleye and Bass is pretty hard to do at Chatfield...........right??
So, does that mean that catching trout or any other kind of fish (a "keep and eat" size) at Chatfield is easier to do?
We were just wondering.
By the way, the wife and I do believe in the "Catch & Release" thing, if we have some (not a lot though) fish in our freezer to we do now.
Cody (cowboy)
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Catching fish at Chatfield is not the problem, its rare that I go out and don't catch at least a few. But larger fish are rare. I don't know if I believe all the strories I hear about people having 40-50 fish day on walleye. The best I have ever done is 12 or so. I would believe it on smallies though. I have caught a few keeper size walleye and bass there over the last couple of years. The bass I released for another day and the walleye unless they were skinny I kept.

I usually don't target trout but on occasion I do. Spring and fall I think they are pretty easy to catch. Harder in the hotter monthes. But it looks like you have them figured out! A person goes through fewer small trout than other species since they are stocked at catchable size. The ones that make it through the first few months grow nicely and are great to catch. I have caught numerous 18 and larger trout.

Enough rambling for one post. I don't think I came close to answering your question.


You answered my question fine.
I don't really know if we have the trout fishing "figured out", but I do think that "luck" has been on our side.
I thought it was a great answer Dan...

I think that walleyes and bass are pursued much harder by boat fisherman than trout are. I think if you can find the majic trout temperature and oxygen content you will catch many good trout there. I just dont think they are targeted like the walleyes are.
trout are fin to catch I hope i catch a few
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