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Chatfield opens to boats on February 12

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Chatfield opens to boats on February 12

I got this from another message board. All credit goes to the person who first posted it.

I was told by one of the park rangers this morning that Chatfield will open to boats on February 12. Yee-ha!!!

The lake is completely ice free except for a small patch of rotten ice down near the inlet.

Let the walleye season begin!!!

I also drove over by Cherry Creek, Quincy and Aurora Res. Cherry Creek is about 90% open with ice only along the west shore and boat ramp. Shouldn't be long there. Quincy appeared to be completely ice free- I'm not sure when it opens. Aurora is still 95% ice covered. The only open water is a small area along the dam. The ice that there is looked rotten where I could see it.
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Re: Chatfield opens to boats on February 12

Just remember if you want to fish off the dam at Cherry Creek, you must do it before March 15th. Thats when they put out the nets.
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