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Chatfield ponds/Chatfield 6/25/05

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Went to the ponds about 5:30. Fished first one nothing. Then the next small one I tried just about everything the put on a texas rigged wave worm just bounce bounce reel pattern. Get about 3 feet from shore and a bass nailed it. 14 inch LM. Let him go safe and sound. Went to the big one right next to the power lines. Used crawlers hooked one anout 15 inch bow but he threw the hook as I brought him over the bank and he went back in the drink. Missed another on crawlers. Got dark headed over to Massey Bay on the reservoir there for about 2 hours and had one small hit on a crawler that also had a shiner on the hook. All in all alot of fun but make sure you bring bug spray if ur going.
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Oh I almost forgot on the way out from the reservoir in the parking lot there was a toad. About 2 inches long juts barely saw him move in the dark, put the empty minnow bucket on top of him and im like "OH wow a toad would you look at that" lol that was pretty cool though
Which ponds are you talking about???The dog ponds or the kingfisher ones???Thanx
Not the dog ponds. It is the one on the right of the road when you see the spillway. And where the southplatte runs by.
I must have never been over there srry but good luck.
th3ey have trout in there?

i wish they would put a sign or somthing saying what dfish are in the ponds

here is my experience

kingfisher area:  (ponds on the non reservoir side of the road...south i suppose it is... maybe)

13 inch smallmouth (and i was like wtf there are real fish in here?!?! hehehe)

dog ponds:

LM bass
at least one random walleye my friend Trent caught...

and a bunch of panfish type things

anyone else know anything?
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Are you guys talking about the ponds near C-470 and Santa Fe? Are those the dog ponds? I always considered Chatfield ponds to be the ones south of the reservoir by the entrance to Waterton Canyon.
Anyway, I have fished the big pond on the west side of the group located at C-470 and Santa Fe. I have done fairly well fishing for trout there and have seen some giant largemouth bass. I was talking with a guy there that said it holds big walleye but I have never caught one. He said when the Platte flooded years ago, walleye moved into these ponds.
Last summer a friend and I were fishing the west pond and saw a huge, long, slender fish come out of the water and rip something right next to the shore - and I would have sworn it was a tiger muskie or northern pike. The next time I went out I caught a stocker that had a huge gash in the side like it had been attacked. I e-mailed the DOW about it, but never got a response. Who knows, I did see a tiger netted in Chatfield years ago........
Ok the when u enter the park u have a choice to go right or left if u go left down that street for a while and there r two ponds there "chatfield ponds".If u went left and went to the dam and go down the road behind the dam by the spillway those are the "dog ponds".
Sorry, I am still a little confused. So the "dog ponds" are different than the group of ponds along C-470? Also, they would require a daily parks pass purchase to fish them?
Here is an Aerial Photo of the Chatfield area,  Hopefully its big enough to make sense.  If its not let me know and I can e-mail a larger version.

<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">

The top is north so I will use that as reference.

North of the dam you see C-470.  The ponds to the north of that are not part of Chatfield.  They are the South Platte Ponds  They are usually good for bluegill and bass using typical baits and lures.

South of 470 there are several bodies of water north of the reservoir they are from left to right known as: Spillway (more or less square shaped), Chatfield outlet and South Platte River, Dog Ponds (2 side by side bodies forming an elbow shape)

South of these is the reservoir.

South of the reservoir you have the South Platte River emptying into the reservoir.

West of the South Platte and South of the Reservoir are the Chatfield ponds.  The further north ones are accessible from inside the park.  The further south ones are accessible from from Wadsworth near the Waterton Canyon turn off.

A parks pass is required for all areas except for the South Platte Ponds. If you walk or bike in I think its not required. But don't qoute me on that!

Hope this helps clear up what we are talking about.

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Thanks, that is beyond helpful. I have fished the South Platte Ponds. I know they stocked the west lake with trout earlier this year, but I don't know about recently.

Has anyone ever fished Johnson Lake near Bowles and Wadsworth? I walked around it a few weeks ago and saw people fishing there who reported catching largemouth. There were tons of massive carp along the shoreline and lots of fish on the surface which I think were mostly carp.
My bad I was talking about the southplatte ponds lol. Now I understand where everything else is sorry for the confusion
BBoat16 said:
Has anyone ever fished Johnson Lake near Bowles and Wadsworth? 

Is that the one in Clement park? I have fished it at night once with no luck, we kept hearing loud splashes so I gotta thnkk somethings in least a lot of carp.
Yeah, it is west of the park. I wasn't sure if all of the surface activity was from carp - some looked like trout. Is it stocked??
Johnston lake in by Clement park is occasionally stocked with rainbows. Usually when the DOW runs a kids fishing clinic in there. I don't know if it has been stocked this year.

In another part of the Fishing Forum, I asked for information about fishing at Chatfield and you guys gave me some great info.
I stopped at Gart Sports after work today and bought a map of Chatfield put together by Fish-n-Map Company. This map was $6 and I just looked at it. WOW.........talking about a lot of information for six dollars. It tells all about the lake, different fishing spots, depths through out the lake and a number of other useful things.
The wife and I will most definitely have this map on our boat the next time we head out to fish at Chatfield.
I don't mean to sound like I'm going "on and on" about this new map I just bought, but it sure looks like it will be a great help when it comes to finding certain areas at Chatfield.
What do you guys think???
I have that same map, (somewhere, who knows where though) I find its a great aid to finding a place to fish. Combined with my depth finder and gps it makes targeting a particular area much easier.

You fish there much during the week. I rarely hit it on weekends due to the traffic on the water. If you see a 14 foot Fishhawk out there its me. Swing by and say hi!


No, we don't fish at all during the week, but do get up fairly early on Saturday/Sunday and get to Chatfield around 8 AM. This Saturday we are going to try and get there around 7 AM. We leave the lake around noon and have the rest of the day to relax, take a little nap or whatever. We have found out that getting to Chatfield to late (12-1PM) can be to late and there are a lot of boaters on the lake and the fishing isn't that good at all.
If you are out there on a Saturday or Sunday morning, look for a 1989 blue/white 16' Invader w/I/O engine........that's us!! You will see our fishfinder mounted right behind the drivers seat and one white rod holder on each side of the boat.
By the way, Dan, don't forget that we have a campsite reserved for Sat/Sun August 13/14.
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