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Kingfisher will freeze but it is generally rotten ice. lots of thawing and melting. many springs keeping the water moving and warm, I would not risk going on Kingfisher ever for ice fishing.

The Large pond just south of KingFisher will freeze and can develope good ice but lots of caution needs to exhibited. In the last three years I have only been able to fish through the ice once, I had 4 inches of good clear ice at the North end of the pond. The further south I went the thinner the ice got. 5 days after fishing the pond it was open again.

All the ponds are old gravel pits and are spring fed. The spring water is warmer, it mixes the water making it less stratified and the movement of the water rapidly erodes the ice that does form when it gets sub zero.

Basically, a person can't say if and when the ponds will freeze, but a person can tell you the quality of the ice is poor most of the time.

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