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Chatfield Spillway 06/01/05

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Thank God for Fishing!

What a crap was a disaster...headed for the spillway about nailed in the park (Chatfield) by the Barney Fife cop...speeding ticket...$50...was behind some bikes riding double file so I think it is questionable...and there is a concrete bike path around the whole park...but I guess they dont feel like Lance Armstrong there...oh well managed to get to the spillway by 7:00...Tom my friend got the first one...a 16 incher...on a leech on the bottom...couldnt get them to chase Rapalas during the we stuck to leeches and occasionally went back to casting Rapalas...Tom got 6 walleyes and I got 6 walleyes...Tom also got a 14 inch smallie...I caught the smallest walleye I have ever caught...about 4 inches...I didnt look closely...I think he probably wasnt hooked...the leech grabbed him for dinner...most were 14 to 19 inches...all took leeches except for the last two I caught which hit fire tiger suspending rattling rapalas after dark...Tom had to get home...I think it was that he had a one fish lead and wanted the victory with me coming on strong with my Rapalas...oh well one more thing for the day...the indignation of being outfished by a Texan...and he doesnt even say "fixen" most of the time...a pretty good evening cept for getting nailed by was gorgeous out there...I didnt want to leave...
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Rottal said:
yuck.  i hate moving.  one of those things you get stuck doing often it seems when people know you own a truck...
I feel ya on that one brother
Dan said:
Sounds like I am making a big deal over something relatively minor  ;D

Yeah, you got a lil deep there. LOL!! But hey, it's for the best. ;)
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