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Beautiful morning at the spillway. Lots of fisherman, lots of water.
dumping over 2000 CFS, making fishing extremely difficult.
Water clarity isn't great,
Fish were caught nothing too big.
Did get nearly spooled by a 21" 'bow got out in the heavy current. had to chase him down river.
I would like to extend a thank you to all ethical fisherman out there that would never do something such as snagging/poaching of game fish 8)

A special note for everyone the South Platte River below Chatfield dam has been added to the regulations, this year I believe. maybe last year idk.
It clearly states 3 walleye over 18" one over 21"
I thought they were 'goners' in that part of the river but I guess not....
I thought years ago there was no such regulation. correct me if i'm wrong please practice responsible angling.
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