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Hey FG, try this next time.
Do this one side at a time
Cut right behind the gills.
Then with the point of your fillet knife, from the top of the fish, go down next to the back bone but not through the ribs.
You can feel when you are passed the ribs, then go all the way through to the butt hole.
Now with the middle of the blade on the back bone, guide it along the back bone to the tail and out.
Peel back the meat from the ribs and with the tip of your knife gently cut it away from the ribs.
Thish is when I cut the one side from the rest of the fish.
Turn the fillet with the skin side down.
Hold the tail end to your table with your finger nail,
Slide your knife from the finger nail/tail end/ to the front and that will skin the fillet for you.
Boneless and skinless.
The other side is a little harder because you don't have as much fish to hang on to.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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