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Did you park near Sante Fe & C470? near the two lake ponds? or IN Chatfield .. i tried to go to spillway today, should have brought my bike from where i parked

Whats the best way to spillway right below dam??
Does anyone know the walleye and trout size/bag limits for this section of river??

Anyways i parked by sante fe, walked about 10-15 minutes since it was getting late.... wished i had my bike! ... water was pretty low on the stretches. Found a pool with a fallen tree in it ... .. i brought a lake & fly rod .. never used the fly

Lure used: Powerbait Bladedancer Rainbow - some tiny ones were hittin at first (looked like walleye). I bought these specifically to tempt bigger river fish. then landed a nice 13" female Rainbow loaded with eggs, was hiding in the branches i guess. i was wading in up to about 4 ft of water, pool was probably 6' deep, got in close and let the waves settle. Got alot of hits in there but only 1 nice fish came out, lost 2 bigger ones. I think the rest went into hiding after the 13 incher made alot of noise ... I should have found a new spot, but it was getting late & a little cold for wading

Upstream tailwater was about 5-10 inches deep and was nailing Fingerlings left and right - about 10 or 15 in like 5 minutes. They were hitting the lure like a dry fly, soon as it hit the water fish were attacking it - there were a couple big ones in there, but they ran when i started splashing the little ones around ... looked like walleye, but the ones i caught were less than 5 inches each, was entertaining at least & a great sunset with the fall colors.

Besides C470 rush hour noise, dogs running around loose & the hum from power lines, was a nice afternoon + 2 beers !!


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Hey Dog,

There are no "special" size or quantity limits for trout and walleye caught in the outlet. (Its actually the outlet but a lot of folks here refer to it as the spillway). All you have to worry about is the normal limits that are listed in the regs brochure.


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keep taking the road that goes by the damn........Go to the colorado state parks website look up chatfield and you can get a map ....its easy but alot of people dont know its there

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If I haven't told you this before, then I'll say it now. You are the man!


The fillet looks good, bud. I've been filleting fish for about 2 years now and they still turn out like that. Mmmm.. That recipe that Fisher32 suggested sounds like a winner. I'll have to try that too. I got one walleye left in the freezer. That one, I was saving for a "rainy day."

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Hey FG, try this next time.
Do this one side at a time
Cut right behind the gills.
Then with the point of your fillet knife, from the top of the fish, go down next to the back bone but not through the ribs.
You can feel when you are passed the ribs, then go all the way through to the butt hole.
Now with the middle of the blade on the back bone, guide it along the back bone to the tail and out.
Peel back the meat from the ribs and with the tip of your knife gently cut it away from the ribs.
Thish is when I cut the one side from the rest of the fish.
Turn the fillet with the skin side down.
Hold the tail end to your table with your finger nail,
Slide your knife from the finger nail/tail end/ to the front and that will skin the fillet for you.
Boneless and skinless.
The other side is a little harder because you don't have as much fish to hang on to.
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