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Cheap Kayak, Money fish.

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Went to the land of and. At the last second threw the yak on the trailer. Good choice because water was low and gin clear. Shore fishing sucked badly. Got everything on a brown tube in 20 ft of water between noon and 2 pm. ended up with 3 bows and 3 eyes in about 8 hours of fishing over 2 days.

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Isn't no hobie report that's for sure
Thats rich Brother :biggrin1:

The truth is he absolutely hates reading blasphemy like that.

Give Slayer his props for big Wy BoBo's and Crack Eyes but other then that he couldn't carry Hobie jockstrap >:D
Trout don't count >:D>:D :llama:
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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