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Fished Cherry Creek yesterday from 1500 to 2200. Water temp was 55-58 deg. Outside temps were in the low 60's. Sunny and with a little wind from the East.

Caught 2 trout one 17” the West end of the damn in 10' of water and the other 13" trout about mid. damn in 15' of water trolling at 1.0mph. The 17" trout looked like a football he was so fat with shad. Tried everything from jigging, casting cranks to trolling cranks without success. Next time I think I will try trolling bottom bouncers.
Was fishing for walleyes but sounds like from all the other posts mine was a typical experience of most fishermen on the two major metro. Reservoirs. Both fish were caught on a chartreuse walleye diver.

Good day to get out despite the lack of eye's.
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