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My friend and I decided to take his real boat out with some friends for tubing and waterskiing, but I had to bring my rod. I have heard horrible things about the fishing there, so I was counting on anything. This was my first time there and as my friend was undoing the boat from the trailer, I took a cast right from the boat ramp with a green rattle trap. Boom, 19 inch walleye just like that! I was thinking, "What's so bad about this?" Then we had our fun with the tube and skis. As the day was winding down we anchored in the no wake zone and took some casts. I got one hit on a chartruse walleye Assassin, but didn't get him. It was fun.


We went home, chaged, and headed to the Chatfield ponds with sausage and worms. Fished and caught a bunch fo crawdads, a small carp, and missed some hits (probably crawddads.)

Tomorrow I', going to Lake Mary or whatever it is upin Estes Park, I haven't been there in a few years.

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Hey Mustang,

That's pretty good at Cherry Creek, which entrance/boat ramp did you guys launch from?

I've only caught anything from the east entrance ramp, considering I've only been fishing from shore.

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