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Will turn on the Deep Fryers at/near 11:00, Should be in full swing by 12:00, My bet is we'll not be able to eat it all.

Deep Fried Walleye/Crappies, (No Slayer didn't get em all) Smoked ribs (I hear they are pretty good) Fish Taco's to die for, Red Chilly, Deep fried Mushrooms, Chips/dips, Coleslaw, is only part of it.

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That I know of

1. IFF (Bud) Deep Fryer, Beer Batter, Walleye. Smoked ribs
2. FOM
4.Bron & Capt Doughball - red chili
5.FishingApex -2 possibly if I can make it - something tasty
6.Gwill Cold Drinks .
7.GoodSam & Jodi Fish Taco's, Desert
8.phidoux (Ray) and Kat plates and plastic silverware
9.Anglerwannabe, Boss, Mom and Daughter in law bringing lemon bars, charcoal, oil
10.bardkin enough salad in my garden to feed about 25 people- it's 100% organic
11. Erik....Takeakidfishing TBD
12. DaveH911 and wife- she's still pondering it, but it'll be good
13. led2zep & Bro Walleye & Chips
14. Fishingfreak469
15. Daughter and Grand Kids.
16. Danny..............Says Bananas LOL
17. Walleyeone.................Beans
18. Jim Halborg
19. Jennifer ..(Gander Mt) .Husband, Daughter French fries, tater tots.
20. zman
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