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Fishing_Fiend said:
CCFTRoy said:
  How long will this last???  Seems like they only stay in close for 2 or 3 weeks, so I hope to catch a few every night for the next couple of weeks!
Its my understanding that the walleye will come up close in low light situations.  ex: cloudy, or night.  It shouldn't matter what time of year, it's just the nature of the fish.  Their eyes are ultra sensitive to the light, so they become nocternal in a sense.  But the feeding is on at night or in darker light situations all year round.  In the day, they can be found shallow sometimes, but usually will be down deep trying to keep the light out of their eyes.  This is the information as was handed to me.  I would appreciate clarification if there is any false detail I have mentioned.


I think the sensitivity thing is way over done? They feed alot at night because they have a huge sight advantage at night. They have evolved to have superior eyesight at night than other fish. So they tend be more nocturnal the bigger they get.

That said i have caught lots of eye's in the middle of the day in shallow water. Concentrate on weededges, flooded timber and mudlines during the day, if fishing shallow.
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