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hahaha  I like the way Laker Taker thinks.  Rangers DO know better.  He did it because he figured in his own little Barney Fife way that the little people can wait.

I know a lot of people on this site seem to think the Park rangers are all to be commended on thier efforts, but I do not think you meet them enough.  Either that or I am somehow mysteriously drawn in to the bullies.  Even the ones you can have a conversation with have got thier chests puffed out and thier hand on thier walkie talkie or gun.  I have a ticket in my pocket right now for argueing with one that I shouldn't get a ticket because some stupid kids lit a fire 50 yds up the shore from us.   He threatened to throw me in cuffs if I didn't shut up.  I laughed at him, there was nothing to charge me with.  He told me to take it to court. Waste a couple hundred dollars in time off just to fight a $50 ticket? I call it "TRAPPED" I'm sure there are some "good guys" out there still, but for me. . . . .several bad apples have ruined the entire batch.

Plain and simple your "Ranger" was just a jerk, and I doubt very much that this will be the last time you have to deal with that mentality.
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