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Ok this weekend i've got a choice to go to pella or sawhill.Now i'm a noob at bass fishing and i was wondering which place would be easier to get into some bass?Thanx
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I would have to steer you towards Pella...
Ok thanks any lure suggestions?
Depending on how you like to fish....

ive seen a lot of guys fishing soft jigs and senkos or something similiar in dark olive or pumpkinseed. anything weedless will also be a plus, the weeds are starting to get thick. also dont be scared to get away from the front ponds, there are several you can fish. try the west side of the road, and bring your polarized sunglasses so you can look for fish holding on the shoreline.

lots of perch there theres a good chance if you fish a little deeper youll catch a big one.
I went to Pella a few eeks ago. Saw alot of bass on the front lakes and caught a few. The biggest was 19" LM and a 17"SM. I was using panther martins, black with a silver spinner. We also caught a ton of bluegills. I was trying to find some perch but new to the whole thing. So if you can give some tips Rottal, like what type of jig to use and where to fish, would be great.
I messed around a while back trying to catch them on a flyrod...and didnt get any big ones, but i did manage a few smaller ones near the shoreline that i spotted while looking for fish in the brushpiles along the bank. I was talking to one older gentleman whom was fishing a dark green tube jig for bass, and in a short while he caught a few that were definately nice sized. most of the larger perch seemed to be in deeper water over rocks...try the ponds on the west side of the road, there seems to be a good polulation of perch over there...
I didn't know that pella had smallmouth's.I've never caught a smallie I'm for sure going to pella now thanks again.
Hey Dunbar.. I think that PELLA is way too pressured .. For a more quite place you should head on over to SAWHILL.

For the Perch on over at PELLA, I like to use Small Tube jigs.. red/green .. or .. red/white with a white jighead.. Youd be suprised on what will take that .. Crappies love this as well, Bluegills .. this is a magnet .. Fishing with a flyrod .. Well im not sure.

I do want a smallmouth badly but if it's pressured and the fish are spooky.I think i'll take your advice and head over to sawhill.How far is sawhill from pella?
Umm .. Im not sure actually.. Im thinking maybe no more then 20mins southwest of PELLA. But Im not too sure havent tried going from one place to another. A lot of people like PELLA cause the bass are just swimming around .. I like to look for bass not that i dont mind scouting for bass. If you ever get the chance to head down to PUEBLO RES thats where you can find Smallies.. PELLA smallies .. well ive never caught one there either.. Just hear others tell me about them there.

Ok thanks.
Sawhills about 20 minutes or so south pella...on Valmont and i think its 75th...just northeast of boulder.

I used to fish Sawhill all the time as a kid, but its changed a lot in the past 20 years (well hasnt everything...) and lately ive liked the fishing more at Pella. dont get me wrong though, Sawhills isnice, especially if you walk out to the back ponds. bring your bug spray, for sure. I think i tend to fish Pella more since its near my house.....

Both areas can get some pressure, my advice is hit it on a weekday evening....
Yep ROTTAL is correct many many bugs.. Bug spray is a must during this time fishing anywhere really..

monkies_butt said:
Bug spray is a must during this time fishing anywhere really..
Don't forget to rinse your hands.... I don't know if this really makes any difference, but I'm just passing on my paranoia..
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