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I was thinking of picking up a shelter with everything on clearance. Liked the Fish Trap Pro, but they sold out of it at Gander. Thinking about the Clam 2000 & saw a bunch of you have one from previous posts. Any opinions on this thing? I can get it for about $150 right now which seems pretty good. They have the scout and guide, but one seems too small if I bring along a buddy or kid (probably not that often though), the other too big/heavy.

I don't see myself as someone who moves around the lakes alot. I though that since its fairly lightweight compared to some sleds (weight is about the same as fishtrap scout), I might be able to slide it a little ways even after it is put up if the mood struck. Anyone else do this?

Also, how long does it take to put this thing up and take down.

Any advice would help. Thanks.
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