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My opinion is that the flip over style huts seem to work the best for me if theres alot of wind  . Ive had just about any kind of hut made and ive went back to the flip over style , I also love the pulsue tents i have one of these as well,It works great as long as theres not alot of wind , For 2 or more people thats my first choice , for a nice 1 person I would go with the fishtrap pro , I also have this hut and love it as well . The pulsues arent cheap but there nice because you can stand up in them , there very light weight , and set up within seconds , and store away easy in your  garage .  I Tend to like something you can get up fast when its cold . And something easy to move around , Being able to stand up is also a great feature . I hope that helps without confusing you to much .
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