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interesting question that I have been pondering lately.  I fish with a guy in Tennessee who constantly cleans his line, stretches it out before he fishes etc.  I was like, thats over kill.  Then I looked at his casting form and realized he shouldn't be making as long of casts as he does.  Fly fishing is what I do, and when I started to notice his casts getting out where I was I began to worry lol.  So the next time I went out with him, I greased my line up stretched it out and I added a consistant 15 feet to my cast.

Also, he uses the cortland 444 musky taper. I have used this line before, and I liked the way it casts. However, I don't know what it is that bugs me so much about a bright red fly line. Obviously the fish I would use this rig for aren't typically line shy and I have cought several fish on this line in the past as does my partner. Even, then why red??? Couldn't they have made that same line a normal color lol???? RRRR
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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