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I hit a particular spot for about a half hour yesterday on Clear Creek as I was headed to the Blue River. Caught about five cutthroats on a caddis dry fly. They were hitting lots of stuff up top. I got some action on a hopper dropper too. Then I jumped in the car and headed to silverthorne. Caught a bunch of decent trout on my mysis pattern below the dam. It was a good day. Fish were very eager to hit at both spots.

Tip of the report for Clear Creek- use generic dry flies like caddis or parachute Adams . There's so much water so KEEP MOVING.

Tip of the report for the Blue below the dam- Try fishing without an indicator. The blue is perfect for high sticking and sight fishing. I usually don't have more than a couple feet of fly line out plus my leader. Mysis are a must especially at these high flows.

Take a look at my cool pics. Sorry about the thumbnails
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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