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Hi Guys

Well, it has been two weeks ago today that I had my hip replacement surgery done. I'm still using a walker to get around and taking a pain medication. However, I'm being able to get around on the new hip better each day.

I seen my doctor this past Monday (9/26) and he is keeping me out of work for another two weeks, until Oct. 17th. I see him again on Oct. 14th and we will re-evaluate my hip to see if I can return to work on the 17th. While at the doctors office this past Monday, he showed us an x-ray of the new hip and boy does it look good. Dr. Greenhow done an excellent job of surgery :) :) :).
So, I'm at home for another two weeks doing physical therapy, using the old computer and etc., etc.
The wife and I will sure be glad when the pain is completely gone and I'm fully able to walk again.
Cody (cowboyfisherman)
P.S. Sure do miss fishing!!!!!!!!!!
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