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Cody Surgery Update

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Hi All

Just wanted to let you guys know how I'm doing now.
This is my 6th week after my hip-replacement surgery last month and I will be returning to work next Monday, 31st.
I'm now using a cane to get more walker or crutches! It was pretty hard, but I'm also off of the prescription pain medicine, Vicodin. The most painful time I have is at night. I now take Aleve for that pain, but Aleve sure doesn't act like Vicodin, so I don't really get that good of sleep at night. I'm also back to driving our Dodge truck again.
My wife, Nancy, sure is glad that our life is getting back to some "normal" ways now.
On a nice day, in a couple of months, I think we will try some "shore fishing" at Aurora or Chatfield.
Cody (cowboy) & Wife
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Welcome back Cody! Sounds like you are almost there. Are you glad to be getting back to work?
Good to hear you are feeling well enough to reutrn to work. Sorry to hear you are returning to work! Let us know when you might be out at the lake and where. If I am in the neighborhood I'll stop by.

welcome back, i bet these beautiful days are killin u since u cant be fishing

get well soon
Keep your head up...PT is almost over!
enjoy them days shore fishing youll be back in the boat in spring then youll miss the shore fishing days lol
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