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Collecting Old Lures

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Ya, they fight good. But they are really finicky. Rapalas do good, but since there are millions of minnows in there they are pretty wary of different things. If you fish lures use those with sunfish or bluegill patterens. Otherwise, black spinner bait work well. One other method I use that is very old school is I put either a white or red pork rind ( The straight kind, about 5inches long and 1/2 inch wide) on a Johnson's spoon. The bass there love it. It also used to catch pike there in the late '70's and early '80's before they disappeared.
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i inherited my grandfathers fishing tackle, i do not know but there is something about them they drive the bass crazy. i want to save them but at the same time i want to use them i think my grandfather would be happy to see them used. almost lost one but i waded out to get it back lol.
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