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Colo. River 5/22

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My dad and I woke up around 6 planning on heading to Silverthorne and fishing the Dillon runoff. We got there and got some big stone flies or somehting like that. I'm usually not fly fishing unless I'm with my dad, so I don't know everything about the flies, but I'm pretty good at the fishing part. We changed our mind and decided to drive for awhile. We headed over ULte Pass, past Williams Fork Reservoir and fished a section of the Colorado that I will just say is somewhere around Hot Sulphur Springs. My dad hooked into two nice rainbows, landing one. I caught a pretty brown in some slower moving water. The camera was back at the car, so no pictures this time. The weather was gorgeous, and the temperature as we passed through Granby was 73!! The water was pretty muddy, but the fish didn't seem to mind. The fish were caught on pheasant tails.

I really enjoy fly fishing, but my friends don't know how, so I usually go with my dad. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a place to take my buddies and show them the ropes in some easy water where they can catch fish? I was thinking Deckers, but I haven't fished up there in a year or so. Does anyone know if the fish are bting around the Trumble bridge? I don't want to take them into the canyon until they can cast, haha.

Thanks everyone.
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For easy water to fish I'd suggest the 11 mile canyon stretch. That area never seems to get blown out and anyone with a size 16 olive scud can catch fish. I have fished that section of the Colorado you guys fished . 2 things watch for rattlers and try an olive hare's ear for some reason those fish love the olive. Tight Lines

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