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Coloado DOW maybe changing Walleye regs.

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If the 18 inch reg stays in effect at Pueblo, Chatfield, Cherry Creek i really don't see how that reg changes anything? I like the part of the reg that protects big fish, but who really catchs multiple big fish on any given day anyway?

I agree with Ed about Pueblo!

If you keep a Walleye under 15 inchs you are a moron anyway! But it would be nice to keep a couple in the 16-18 range each day to eat, if you were so inclined.
I could go for that (1 a day between 16-18") that would be fair!

I saw a picture at Sprtsmans Warehouse the other day in Thornton. The guy was holding a stringer of six pike between 12-15lbs.I'm guessing it was Stagecoach? Just made me sick :mad:
Aren't you allowed to keep Walleye and Saugeye from Bonny, Nee Noshe, JOhn Martin, Jackson and North Sterling anyway?

I mean an Eye under 15" doesn't have any meat on it anyway?
Just buy a bigger Tackle Bag, LOL.

My wife made the Mistake of getting me one of those Cabela's Master Angler tackle system's. It holds 12 3700 size boxes plus three of the smaller 3600. I have actually deluded myself into thinking i need to fill it ???

I need a 12 step program :p

I don't see why anyone have a problem with protecting walleye's under 15"?

I won't kill anything over 22" anyway. Besides, the fish between 22-26 inchs are suppose to be the most fertilw anyway?
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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