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has anyone seen or heard of dragon fly imitations . I see bass smashing these things everynight and would like to get on a few with my fly rod .......I seen a bird get picked off by a bass last night at my new favorite fishing hole
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Fishinguitars --- Last time I was at RMA, a guy caught a pretty nice Bass (of a tube jig). Anyway, it had a blue dragonfly in it's mouth. I looked a few places, and found a fly real similar to the dragonfly. It's the Orvis Gibson's Dragonfly. I think the biggest size is a 6. I bought 2, but haven't tried them yet. I can't see why they wouldn't work. Watch Sportsman's warehouse. There fly selection has grown, and they're only 99 cents. (last time I was there, they only had smaller, green dragonflies).
I'm an idiot w/ a fly rod, but hopefully will catch one w/ a bobble w/ those flys.  ;D  
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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