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Colorado Catfish.. When's the bite start?

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Hey all,

When do the Colorado catfish turn-on to bite?
A fishing partner tells me to look towards June, but I don't know why... I'm inclined to think they turn on much sooner than that. Whay say you, you cat fishing aficionados?

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I've heard a couple people saying they have caught some already but they usually start biting when water temps reach above 55 degrees.
koni said:
The last cat i caught was in September, and that was around 11:30 in the morning. So much for the old " they feed at night" story. They do, feed at night, but i have caught more in the daytime than i have at night. Mornings were the best times for me, btween 7 am and noon. Maybe this year it will be different.
Maybe you've caught more in the daytime cause you fish for them more in the daytime? I've caught more channel catfish, bullhead and stone catfish in the daytime. I have caught more blue catfish and flathead catfish at night or in low light periods.
Channel cats should be moving into their prespawn locations. Look for gravel bottoms, cover (logs ect), ledges, and dams. If river fishing go for the same above stuff and logjams, major riffles, river humps and current funnels.
fishingkats said:
isnt that bad people dont see me out there so
they call to make sure everything is ok  ;D
no thats good!
Haha he looks scared to death of that catfish. Nice picture
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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